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Fabulous Fibre Videos


This course is NOT Brooch Making.

You are buying 12 videos which were made early in 2014 for my online course 'From Fibres to Fabulous'.
Please be patient when you buy. The response is not automated and I may not be online at the exact time you buy. However you won't have to wait long before I send you the links. Certainly no longer than 24 hours, and usually much less.


These videos will guide you through a series of techniques which will enable you create felt, machine and hand stitch, working alone and in your own time.
We start with basic felt making, creating a thick piece of felt just to get you warmed up!
Then to we go on making abstract patterned felt, using the coloured wools to create designs, followed by an explanation of making pre-felts adding small amounts of fabric and texture to give interesting surfaces, and onto using these to make more controlled designs in felt.
Then we move on to machine embroidery techniques, and using these to stitch on the felt, with tips on design planning. Further stitching by hand will follow and finally blocking and mounting to present your work.
Please note I do not teach how to make my brooches.

There are lots of hints and tips and the camera angles get better as the videos go on!
It's very much my own take on the processes.
Each video is about 30 minutes, and there are twelve altogether.

Unlike the course, there is no interaction or group discussion but you are most welcome to email me to ask questions, or to give some feedback and to show me your pieces.
There are references which were topical during the course but they do not detract from the instructions and guidance you will enjoy.
There is no start or finish date, within a maximum of two days I will send you an email with links to the videos and a materials list.